You need more time to focus on what's important to you.

We get that.

That's why we created The Bacon.

The Bacon Connects People

Specifically, The Bacon connects people who need something done with people who can do it.

We call people who provide services, Doers

We call people who need services, Clients

Who are Doers?

Doers are individuals with time and talent who use The Bacon as a platform to get into the market, connect with their audiences, and provide services. Doers are not employees of The Bacon. We’re not here to steal the spotlight from the talented folks doing great things on our site! We strongly believe in providing a barrier-free, risk-free, and non-restrictive platform that enables individuals to start and/or showcase their own service business.

The Bacon Empowers People

We believe everyone deserves to have the best life possible - and The Bacon is a tool to help make that happen.

If you need a service to help you with something you either don’t have the time or skill to do, it shouldn’t be hard or time-consuming to find. We empower you to buy time on The Bacon by making it easy and convenient for you to find the service providers you need when you need them. Any service you can imagine, all in one place.

If you want to work for yourself or offer your services online, it shouldn’t be scary or costly, and you shouldn’t have to give a huge chunk of your earnings to some online overlord. At The Bacon, we empower you to be your own boss. You decide what services to offer, you set your own prices, and you make your own schedule. You’re completely in control so you can make money on your terms.

The best part? On The Bacon, you can buy time as a client and be your own boss as a Doer - both from one account.

The Bacon is Run by People

Yup. that's us below. The humans behind the screens dedicated to helping folks "bring home the bacon" by doing what they love. We're a team of doers and dreamers, ourselves, united in the belief we can make this world a happier place by helping people do more of what makes them happy.

Jen Shima

Founder & CEO

Siva Kilaru

Technical Co-Founder & CTO

Lucy Paez

Chief Business Officer

Nikki Chin

Director of Marketing

Esther Leytush

Software Engineer

Ashley Singleton

Social Media Specialist

Ayaz Uddin

Web Developer & Designer

Laura Mazzolini

Quality Assurance Analyst